Hi there!
I’m Josh and telling stories through photos is my forte and passion. At any wedding, there’s always a whole lot more love than that of the happy couple and I think it’s really important to capture that as well. It’s the proud smile from a grandparent. It’s the friends that are cheering during the speeches. It’s the little kid blissfully unaware of what they are witnessing. It’s the family dog who deserves to be just as much a part of the day. It’s the stolen glances between father and son, mother and daughter.
Why is there a dog in my logo and not a heart or rose, you ask? I am lucky enough to own a cheeky Golden Retriever named Arlo. He loves to keep me company in my studio editing photos. He, to me, is love (as well as my girlfriend but her face wouldn’t fit in the logo). Arlo personifies the acknowledgment that love can take many different forms. It is this diversity of love that I’m passionate about capturing at your big day. Allow me to capture those unseen moments, those fleeting glances and even those incredible (potentially goofy) dance moves so when you look back through your photos, you remember the significance of every moment of your wedding day: celebrating love. I’d be honoured to photograph both the formal and candid moments of your wedding from $2199 for a half day. I promise I won’t bring my dog… unless you request his presence.